Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Virture

Deep breath...count to 10. One one thousand, can this line go any slower. Two one thousand, 137 days until Christmas. Three one thousand, get in the car now!  Four one thousand, how long do I have to stay here? Five one thousand...

In our everyday fast-paced lives we want what we want right now and if we don't get it we complain. 
The definition of patience according to Google ( I don't miss the irony) is this: 
Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

I am always wary of working on patience because I am scared to see what life is going to bring my way when I do. In certain Christian circles, they are jokes about praying for patience. You just don't do it unless you want to spend the next three years in some horrible circumstance. Or so we think. Or fear. 

But all kidding aside, patience is one of the best things that we can have, and one of the greatest expressions of love for others that we can give. 

I only remember one time I slammed the door when I was growing up. I know I did it more. It was strange because it was my parents bedroom door not my own and I have no idea why I was upset. I had a smile on my face when I did it. Proud of my defiant act. Waiting to see what my parents would do next. Looking back on it I probably needed sleep. What happened? My parents let it go. They didn't punish me. They never even mentioned it. They extended patience in my curious rebellion. I never remember slamming a door again.

We all have moments when we are not at our best, when we disappoint, get cranky and fall apart. It is these moments when we need people to be patient with us. So... I challenge you to return the favor. Practice patience. Be patient with others. Be patient with yourself. Be patient with God if you believe. In doing so you will be practicing love too. 

"Love is patient..."

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  1. Hi Carrie., what a wonderful idea to start a devotional Blog! Thanks for inviting me to follow.
    Ah yes, patience. I was one of those people who feared praying for patience because He would give me trials to earn it.
    Recently I heard someone say, "We often aim for the fruit instead of the root." I really liked that statement. It says to me instead of concentrating on the missing fruit, continue to grow in my relationship with Christ and be in God's Word daily and His fruit shall be added. Love you, Teacher Debbie